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1) USE: Videos

Unlike other chat software: Fadou does not require installation


We are obliged to register a color photo, contractual - is a guarantee of seriousness. Data such as: your height, your age can not be verified but cheating is also unmasked by the video .

Upon registration, it saves its size, religion, marital status etc. It allows other users to easily launch targeted searches. It also helps to avoid disappointment.

Upon registration, you are not obligated. Fadou asks if you want to receive commercial advertisements on what you like, eventually, receive a gift you would have earned


After registration it is advantageous to inform a maximum of "details" on the proposed quarentaine. For example "I love: horse" (I like the horse). These details can target searches. It shows if you smoke, lover of good food, sports fans etc. These details are visible to users when one flies over a photo of a registrant.

Fadou protects your data. Fadou does not preserve your videos or your texts (except on request). Personal data are only used by Fadou if you wish to send advertisements, commercial proposals of "good business", any gifts. Fadou not associated with any information gathering body.

Navigation / cat:

Fadou works best with Chrome or FireFox. Safari does not yet support our video chat but even Apple, you can install Chrome. If video chat does not work - it is likely that your firewall or antivirus blocking the video .


You are aware that your IP address (IP address) and email are kept by Fadou.


On Fadou, it is forbidden: to attack other users by about political, religious, racist, derogatory and all pedophiles or perverse temptations. Any breach may invalidate the offending see do continue.

Fadou is international. Fadou is a social network that connects singles but also friends, expatriates; connects language students. Connects people far away from each other - the ancient, isolated. Lets discuss, play together. Fadou puts course and especially connects people seriously seeking, soulmate. Fadou avoids to relate to "false friends", to connect with rogues. Fadou avoids pollution by letting piles of vague useless friends; Fadou focuses on real friends. Thus: Fadou can be used from 7 to 77 years when parents allow it !

Fadou offers the ability to chat to communicate through text and video. Fadou is very fast.

Fadou guaranteed seriousness as technology permits; rejects unserious or unscrupulous users. Fadou prohibits commercial approaches that would use vector Fadou as: sales of objects, prostitution services. Anyone can report a "Junk": Three stars "Junk" cause a blockage of the user. The user eventually released after having explained the webmaster.

Fadou is completely free but offers several options including VIPs, "goodies", derivatives, paying options that expand opportunities, relationships.


Fadou is a young website: thank you help us fix bugs, errors that contain the translation we make comments or suggestions by sending an email to "contact@fadou.com" .

Fadou is a social network based in France. The French laws are applicable. Fadou is abiding by all countries.

The logos, domain FADOU.COM are deposited. The Fadou name is registered in France.

Fadou thrives on publicity.

I understand what is Fadou, its obligations - I accept all the conditions and I register ==>